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It’s no secret that how you feel EMOTIONALLY can make a huge impact on how you feel physically.

Whether you’re dealing with a huge life change, feeling blocked in a creative endeavor, or getting over disappointment or hurt feelings, negative emotions can squash your energy levels and leave you fighting Fatigue.

Addressing your emotions can be the first step in restoring your energy levels. Many Essential Oils can help uplift the spirit and support you through difficult emotions. But sorting through all these amazing oils to find the ones best suited for your situation can feel overwhelming.

Fortunately, there’s a kit of six oil blends specifically created to address emotional needs and help balance mood. We’ve already talked in detail about the ENCOURAGING BLEND and the INSPIRING BLEND and their direct impact on energy levels. The other four blends can also be of help when your lack of energy is due to the negative emotions they address.

The UPLIFTING BLEND of Citrus and Spice Oils helps lift your spirits. This cheery blend promotes feelings of optimism, happiness, and hope and counteracts feeling down, blue, or heavyhearted.

The Tree and Herb oils of the RENEWING BLEND will encourage you to let go and move on. It promotes feelings of contentment, forgiveness, and understanding and counteracts negative emotions of anger, guilt, blame, and resentment.

The COMFORTING BLEND, full of many grounding Floral and Tree Oils, will help console you when you feel overwhelming sadness and grief. It promotes feelings of comfort, hope, and contentment and counteracts feelings of loss.

The REASSURING BLEND can support you if you’re seeking more rest and inner peace. The Floral and Mint Oils in this blend will help you feel calm, confident, and courageous. It promotes feelings of peace and reassurance and counteracts anxious feelings, fear, and stress.

These oils can all be used aromatically by placing three to five drops in a diffuser; or topically when mixed with Fractionated Coconut Oil. They come singly or all together as a kit.


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